July 3rd, 2017

Prompts is a procedural poetry blog by Dylan Freeman-Grist. The blog is syndicated on Tumblr through Notes From The Village.  

Cover Story is a project on Prompts inspired by the weekly cover page of the New Yorker. This weeks cover, the July 3rd, 2017 issue, is "Bright Star" by Kadir Nelson


What happened to the summers that left cold slush caked to the roof of jaws.
wired machines which ached for the prolonged rasp of August.

I knew an endless summer, multiplied, 
so infinite in fact parts of me still wander the creases of an old July,
no falling leaves in sight,  
dusty, circa before dog days lost bite. 

What happened to a pool filling in for a short lifetime of missed opportunity, 
When imagination was the only currency required to envision us as we should be. 

No work here. No cage here. 
Melted snow cones once stood where melting atmospheres now reside. 
It has not stopped raining since April.

Raining, I can imagine, 
On the same June streets we once wore crowns

It's funny even back then I would take in the stench of fresh paved tar, 
knowing someway that life ahead would be marred by potholes, 
gutted machinations of what we once had, 
left only to slog our endless march forward

I hope to see summer stars again.